21st Century Ventilation And Energy Management in Pork Production Facilities

Pork production facilities built and operated in the 21st century need to provide optimum environmental conditions to maximize production efficiency and provide a safe and healthy environment for pigs and workers while conserving energy. To accomplish these goals requires a fully integrated ventilation system that is specifically designed and installed for the specific barn and animals housed.

National Hog Farmer contends in an Oct. 15 article that high-quality management and operation of the ventilation system is as important as selecting the proper ventilation components, such as fans, air inlets and heaters.  Control of the air exchange or ventilation rates, adjustment of air inlets and operation of heating and cooling systems need to be regulated with an electronic controller. But it is very important that the person(s) managing the pig barn understand how the ventilation system works and how it can be adjusted to maximize the system’s effectiveness.

The feature also covers control of heat and troubleshooting ventilation. With today’s higher production costs, it is essential that producers provide an environment in which pigs can maximize their genetic performance potential and minimize energy and feed use...