Commercial Properties Lead the Charge for EV Stations

An EV station at Deep Ellum Shopping Center in Texas.

In the world of sustainability initiatives, providing charging stations for electric vehicles doesn’t provide the same bang for your buck as, say, energy-efficient lighting upgrades or super green HVAC systems. But property owners, managers and REITs are seeing the advantages to so-called EV stations and are installing them at office, retail, hotel and other commercial properties.

National Real Estate Investor looks at how commercial properties are leading the charge in EV stations in its February issue. The article reports that in some cases, car-charging companies pay for installation and operation of EV stations and even allow property owners to take a cut of the revenue. Other companies work with government to provide subsidies.

The article features examples of properties that are benefiting from this type of investment; plenty of data shows that EV drivers are good for business, according to NREI....