The EV Battery Conundrum

The requirement for EV safety becomes a high-profile topic when a tragic event reaches the front pages. Attention focuses on the battery and high-voltage electrics of any EV involved in an accident or fire. These incidents can severely undermine all the organizations involved as well as the battery and electric vehicle industry, according to an article in Energy Efficiency & Technology.

Thus, it is important to engineer-out battery hazards that abuse can provoke. The challenge for battery and vehicle engineers is to protect the battery and its component cells from abuse by not only making the component cells themselves as benign to abuse as possible, but also to have the vehicle structure and systems provide primary protection to the battery.

To engineer-out hazards we need to understand what causes them. EE&T's article addresses these hazards and delves into the kind of developments that will lead to EV batteries that are safer and deliver more energy.