New Grid Optimization Center of Excellence: More than 'Smart Grid'

One-stop access to the latest electric grid technology news, research and implementation.

Transmission and Distribution World launched the Grid Optimization Center of Excellence - a one-stop access to the latest electric grid technology news, research and implementation.

Why Another Site?

Keeping our aging electric grid infrastructure up and humming requires more technology scope than what usually falls under the definition of smart grid.

Converging technologies have changed the rules and drop-kicked the industry into a new paradigm – where sensors, telecommunications, and distributed processing can conceivably enable us to optimize or near-optimize just about every grid function and customer interaction.

But high-tech information and telecommunications technologies are only part of the grid transformation. New materials and construction techniques are enabling us to build poles, towers and other structures that can withstand storms better than ever before. Enhanced inspection and testing methodologies are being developed – some adopted from other industries. All of these efforts can provide better reliability and life extension of the existing system through integrated asset management.

We Need New Ways to Stay Current

Half our utility personnel are now retiring, causing an increasing brain drain right when we need engineering resources the most. So, our upcoming engineers simply must stay current with fast moving technologies and trends.
And that brings us back to why we put this site together. It’s the right time, and we have the right resources.

The T&D World staff producing the Grid Optimization Center of Excellence has over 100 years of technology experience in the utility industry, and T&D World magazine has the largest global circulation of any electric transmission and distribution trade magazine in the world.

So, go visit the site and let us know what you think! Don’t forget to sign up for the monthly Grid Optimization newsletter.