The Science of Outage Restoration

A group of emergency response managers and consultants in the electric utility industry recently collaborated to generate a comprehensive listing that defines the myriad tasks necessary for a well-planned, well-documented and effective outage restoration effort. The resulting list was then compiled into the Outage Restoration Maturity Model (ORMM), a codification of the science behind proven utility industry success stories.

According to the article in Transmission & Distribution World's October issue, the ORMM not only identifies core outage management functions but also the overall outage restoration functions vital for continued success. The model establishes a vocabulary of definitions and characteristics needed to measure the maturity level of a utility, and then uses a simple summation to compute the utility's maturity level rating. Using this model as a tool, utilities can benchmark their internal outage restoration maturity and also compare their current state to industry best practices.

The article addresses drills and reporting requirements, management vs. restoration management, maturity level and scoring. By using this model as a tool and constantly striving for higher maturity scores, utility managers can increase their utilities' capability to deliver an effective restoration response. Thus, they will not only be prepared but also poised for excellence when faced with the next emergency event.