Top 25 Changes to the 2011 National Electrical Code

It’s no secret that many electrical professionals have a love/hate relationship with the National Electrical Code. The good news is it’s revised on a three-year cycle. The bad news is that three years pass all too quickly

NEC Consultant Mike Holt sheds light on the key changes in the newest edition of the National Electrical Code in EC&M's November issue. The feature, by Mike Holt with an introduction by the EC&M staff, covers everything from new GFCI and AFCI requirements to more grounding and bonding rules, to conductor ampacity guidelines. All 25 changes highlighted in this article are supported by an analysis section, where Holt offers keen insight into why the change was brought about and how it might affect you on future projects. 

Although EC&M highlighted what it considers to be the most influential changes, it’s important to realize that this cycle produced a multitude of revisions.