What You, the Readers, Want

As you may recall, last week I asked you to respond to a survey to help me get to know you a bit better. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond. Although the number of participants was not high, I was able to gather some details from the readers who did respond. These details should help me in tailoring this website's content going forward. Although our circulation has a considerable number of non-utility readers, the majority of respondents were from utilities, either engineers or in management, so it looks like you utility readers enjoy responding to surveys more than our other readers. Good information to know. The majority of those who responded listed "news" as what they want most from our site, which is good to hear since that is the majority of our original content. Technical articles came in second. The topic of greatest interest was technology advances. We do run stories on new technology, but we will continue to pursue content in this area. The topic of second greatest interest was the smart grid, which seems to fit well with the technology advances content we post. The end-user respondents were most interested in wind and solar, so we will look at how we have covered these topics to see if we need to increase our news in those areas. This week, I would like to reach out to you yet again. Each of you has such a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Many of you are doing some truly innovative work at your utility or your commercial or industrial business. I would like to share that expertise and innovation with all of our readers. So, I am asking you to email me (editor.smartenergyportal@penton.com) or comment below with a brief summary of the innovative projects you have implemented whether you are on the energy provider side or the energy user side. I know that utilities are implementing creative projects all the time, but the schools, restaurants and other businesses in our audience are also being creative, and I would like to hear how you are being smarter with your energy use. I'll review any responses that come in, and let you know in future weeks if we have any innovative projects to share with you.