February 4, 2013

I’m tickled to announce that Pam Kufahl will be editor of Smart Energy Portal as of February. Pam’s no stranger to energy topics. She has a history of accomplishments working on T&D World, Utility Business, and Energy Manager publications.

Insights, Business
January 21, 2013

We can get more innovative and assertive in our stewardship of the public trust, or we can have politicians and regulators managing our engineering departments and control rooms.

January 15, 2013

Some electric utilities recently hit by super-storm Sandy have come under heavy criticism for both storm preparation and storm caused outage response.

January 7, 2013

ROI battles EROI and resource planning just got a lot more complex!

January 2, 2013

 Moving away from chronic self-criticism to positive, sustainable action can be a long journey.

Insights, Policy
December 18, 2012


The best wind resources are available to those (big, greedy, fill-in-the-blanks) utilities but not to city government.



December 11, 2012

The electric power industry is becoming more creative and is executing faster than ever before. But is it enough?

December 3, 2012

Engineers working on energy efficiency projects are probably more likely than the average consumer to appreciate products that make a joule of work go farther.

November 26, 2012

If our industry is as smart as we say our grid is, we’ll get real busy helping to shape policy so that further funding goes where it will do our customers the most good.